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Why Animation is More Than You Think

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

People tend to see animation as leisure and not really a big deal with the aspects of your life. In social, you come across with a lovely animation movie which showing in cinema to source for entertainment. Whilst in family bonding, this is also an effective tool to engage with your infant child. In general, animation does not come across with business affair since it contrasts with the seriousness and authentic which business so much celebrated with. Well, you might hold your beer. In this article, we are going to discuss why animation is more than you think.


Product Explainer

We believe you heard about explainer video which explains your product main features in a simple and engaging way. Well according to statistics, people tend to buy your product when they see your video. Video is an effective interconnected platform between peoples in term of emotion and appearance attraction. We believe animation is much more subtle option due to its whimsical and witty appearance. In such a way, your product really allows people to believe your product and understand its necessity.

Straightforward explainer video - To make your complex content simple, so your audience can easily to understand your business idea in a short time.

Story-telling explainer video - to explain your product in a whimsical and witty appearance. Let's the audience have fun while watching the video and remember your brand at the same time.



Plain and boring of running text or number are the main culprit stop kids to learn. That is why animation comes to rescue. Animation can be used to make very exciting and fun animations into which education and training can easily be incorporated. Enjoyment and fun are the main strength to retain attention, awakening curiosity and led to the creation. For example, if you want to show how atom work in the universe and I mean literally, animation can present it in striking visual and associate with a charming sound effect that pulls things altogether.

Credit to Dishthi


Exhibition Events Video

When you attend the exhibition normally you will get hooked by the elegant design of certain boots. Therefore you enter it, seeking what is this about, so you wait for steward feed info for you but on some occasion, they might not entertain you due they are occupied by others errand. Impress by the outside but get blocked from getting inside. This scenario is like when you viewing a grandiose condominium and appeal by its outlook, but what really draws your heart is each single unit uniqueness decoration and interior fittings. The animation video serves as the interior designer and builder, shape your uniqueness look and content what deep inside in your business. The striking outlook, inspiration content and delicate concern for others reflect the vision of your business, accommodate to people demands.

Credit to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center


Financial Report

Raise your hand up if you read page by page company’s financial report attentively and really grasp the content of it. Well why you don’t conjure that bland and rigid wording and number into 1-2 minutes attractive video made via animation in order to make it accessible and easily understandable. Animation turns the wording into striking visual metaphor and number incarnate to animation character. Bear in mind, animation designed to entertain you with message bring along with it.

Credit to Strava



You thought the climate change is looming and will bring doom to our children, therefore you pleading the government to tackle it. You aware there is a charity works going on somewhere else and deservedly known by others or you want to gain the attention of the well being of the immigrant. Animation can give the impression that can lower your “pushy” language and yet without emotion manipulative. Human interaction is the best tool to get something across convincingly.

Credit to Cartoon Network


Corporate Video

What are the features of your company? What are the attractive traits of your company? This is quite inconvenient to print those essentials into point form and distributed via brochure, or you can take down all the words and upload it on your website. Why not using an animation that can turn your essentials into an interesting figure and result in more accessible and memorable. The first impression is important for the viewer to left profound memory on you, they perceive you take things seriously but not in “prudent and plain”.

To put in general, animation video has limitless possibilities to express your ideas, from the moon to the deep ocean. Everything can express through animation. So, want to learn more? You can visit to have more insight about it. Also, don't be afraid to get free quote from us if you are looking for one.


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