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Low-Cost Video Vs High-Cost Video

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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We laid out what is the advantage using animation for your marketing video. Like a typical episode of the drama, we briefly refresh we discussed on previous blog;

a) To Tackle Life Action Video Limitation That Make it More Interesting for Advertisement

b) Effective Tool To Explain Complex Concepts and Abstract Product

c) Forget About the Celebrity Conundrum and Focus on your Brand

d) You Are Not Just Another Mundane Player

e) More Cost Affordable

It is essential that before a company decides to adopt an animation video, the cost factor will come ahead of any other factors. Well, this not right or wrong issue because it is hard to put a culprit label on you since you did save hell a lot of money. It is only a measurement of your expectation; some client believes that only a plain wording with a mixture of minimal visual graphic metaphor is more than enough to convey the message. In this article, we are going to discuss pro and cons of using low-cost video against the high-quality captivating video.

Before we go in further to discuss the pro and cons, you need to understand how a video will be produced. Below are the stages that need to be go through:

1. Research and Script writing

2. Storyboard

3. Voice Over

4. Style and Illustration

5. Animation

6. Music and Sound Effects

The amount of money you put will flow to each those stage. Every stage required different field of expertise to work on it. Producing a video will never a one-man-show.

Man Resources

Invest in a lower budget will cut down the money spend on man resources. Imagine the amount only able to hire one or two professions to do every task stated above, it does put a lot of burden on them. Desperate budget uses desperate measures, a fresher might hire who lacking on experience and skill to do the works for you or just download the template from free software to make the work able to be delivered. Well, you do have a video on hand, but might not identify you as a special player.

In addition, a creative idea needs different brains to generate. With a lesser creative people allocated in the idea development stage will limit the chances to generate compelling content and proper script to attract the audience. Put it in another way that your message can clearly reach out but in a more formal and straight forward style.

Well, if a better budget invested means the more optimal number of man resources can be hired and allocate to execute the tasks above. An experienced scriptwriter will be hired to work together with the director and producer for idea development. A lot of effort will spend to conduct research to make sure the message can be present in bold and clear yet compelling. Besides, the art director will be involved in style determination especially for your brand, while an experienced animator can make the motion captivate to attract your audience. It’s not done yet, with a sufficient budget, the production house will co-operate with a sound studio to compose music and sound effect for the video.

Time = Cost

Time and schedule are essential in producing a video. Most of the production house charges based on days or hours. With a limited budget, some video maker software that contains a certain graphics library will be used to edit the video. It does save a lot of time without crafting the graphic originally, but this may turn up your graphics mirror with others.

A higher quality animated video consists of a lot of research and idea development, originally craft graphics, subtle motion details, and tons of amendment apply. All of these need time to make it just right for the video. With a sufficient amount of investment, you may get a unique style that especially for your brand that may help you to stand out from your competitors.


We can’t deny that sometimes production house might deliver something that not in your expectation. Therefore, the amendment is needed to make things right for you. But, with a limited budget, the flexibility of the final video amendment and editing will be limited as well. The amendment is occupying quite an amount of time (cost) of the production process, this is why usually 3 times limitation term is applied to every project. If exceed the limitation, you have to pay extra to work on the amendments.

There is very rare that a production house is willing to amend the work without an amount of limitation. If it does, the cost they charge surely much higher and you might never know it.

The Ball is Under your Feet

Lower budget does not guarantee lower quality work however makes it more likely to happen. Well, let’s face it, more effort you put more return to gain is an indisputable noun. To produce a high-quality video you need to invest a team of scriptwriters, copywriters, marketers, illustrators, and animators to create the best quality video as can. So don’t be so upset if it does cost you the amount of money.

One of the main purposes of marketing video is to enhance brand awareness to boost your sales, traffic, and conversion. If you find out the video produced in below expectation it might affect your image. The audience normally perceives you as a whole single, integrity entity. A single nail broke down (low-quality video) might convince people that you do not take things seriously so with the product you provide.

Want to know more about cost worthy video? Just click to have more insight about it.


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