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Why Animation is a Good Tool for Story-Telling

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We’re being bombarded by information all the time especially in current digital area, but our capacity of brain storage is only limited, and our brain is not generous enough and very picky when come to data selection. Well this is why emotional come to action, tugging on those human heart strings. These things are the express ticket for data to access inside your brain. Story-telling is the generator of ticket.

Story-telling able to create the content which triggers the response, allow people see the spark inside of you which you are destined to do great things for them. Words and imagery which inspire people draw to you characteristic. Because story-telling is an art that makes your audience click rather than a science and theory encourage you skip the class during high school.

So you would ask, why Animation?

To Tackle Life Action Video Limitation

You wonder why Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball star want to took part in the Space Jam, just because he able to stretch his hand 16 yard away to pull a Slamdunk so he doesn’t need to bounce into restricted area. Animation provide a creative wonderland to set the stage by using visual metaphors, life like graphics and hidden story-element to help your audience get that “whoa” and “haha” moment and miraculously link your product fits into audience’s life.

In other words, lower down your tone of “hard sell” and tear down your bland and serious impression to audience.

An Effective Tool to Explain Complex Concepts and Abstract Product

Today business involved a lot of apps or technology to solve your daily life’s predicament and normally not everyone really understand what are they about. You click on button and you get something wrong, you get it right just because you refer instruction book countless time. You can’t explain the complex structure literally yet still make it appealing to public. You can’t use people gesture and language to convey your abstract message comprehensively.

That’s where animation comes to rescue. Animated videos make use of graphics and visual metaphors to present the chips of the machine, inter-layer of the apps, the wording of instruction book transform into character animation which makes it more resonate with public since they are really visually appear in front of you.

Forget About the Celebrity Conundrum and Just Focus on your Brand

When doing live action, there a lot resource you have to pay for. To maximize the return, hires a celebrity or influencer might be a viable option. However, this might led audience losing focal points of the video which you intend to convey.

But animated video, it help you prevent this conundrum. Animation focuses more on telling your brand story with captivating script and content. The designer and animator obliged to build your world as you can imagine as much as possible.

You Are Not Just Another Mundane Player.

Designer creates specific eye catching style, captivating story content, striking background and subtle audio system just especially for you. This adds up the chances of engagement with audiences because you are something special compare to others. This drive up audience emotional attachment of your product and far more chances stick with you for longer period.

A captivating video shall associates with audience engagement that involving from emotional attachment to rational arguments.

Animation Cost Lesser and More Flexibility

Well we put the most prominent factor into last because is not subtle everything is about cost right? (OK! we know is very important factor).

The fact that animation video do really cost lesser than live action video. If you want live action video to be really up to decent stage it may cost you huge amount of money just for the expenses for actors, the crew, the rental location, sound editing and intolerance post production editing. Everything has a price tag.

Even you don’t like the video, and there is a lot chance this going happen, and animation gives you more flexibility to do the amendment just to fit into your requirement. Unlike real life shooting, re-shoot might need to reschedule whole over again and more expenses on booking the venue again, rehire actor and the crew.

If you want refresh your company profile which and be pioneer in the market, animation video provide you alternative option in term of creativity and bring you lesser budget. Want see example of the video you are welcome to access .


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