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Deliver your

message perfectly

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From presentations, job pitching, marketing or any events that you want to show your business ideas, Loris studio helps you to visualize and create professional animated video to get the message across. 


Explain your idea in style

Isn’t it hard to tell complex business ideas and thoughts to your audience? Why don’t show them instead of telling them


Get connected with your audience

Everyone loves a good story. Telling a story about your brand makes you unforgettable to your viewers.

Helping you more than a motion design video

Increase Conversions

Limitless Possibilities

Cold viewers are much more likely to visit your website and convert after watching a beautiful animated brand story video.

Brand Recognition

Decorate your product with striking visual graphics and emotionally driven story telling. Leave an unforgettable first impression.

Impress Client

Got an important client meeting coming up? Take your presentations to the next level impress your client on your next pitch.

Message Consistency

Want to ensure your brand message is being delivered consistently? We help clients like you tell their brand stories and capture all their main points into a captivating animated video they can use all times.

Unique Player

With original graphics, storyline and scripting, every pixel and word is carefully crafted help you stand out among your competitors.

Ever thought of an astronaut using your service or product in space? Any crazy idea you can think of is possible using animation. Your limit is your creativity.

Brand who trusted us


We are Deadpool among Marvel

Getting loathness to use any “bland and boring” word to present your ideas?

We can tear down the boring mask and make your brand more accessible and witty, with no more unnecessary jargon and cliché language that only goes in one ear and out the other.

...let's check it out...

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